Simulations that help with Chemistry.

Tyler Dewitt explains lots of chemistry well on youtube.
This website is great for anyone who has trouble with a topic. This website includes videos and other useful information.

My Chemistry Tutor

Quizlet is great for vocabulary, creating your own digital flash cards to carry on your phone, and to create mini-games to make studying more fun.

Unfortunately, Education Portal is no longer free, but there is a free trial period. This website has wonderful videos with clear explanations and a quiz that follows each video.

Sorry, it is no longer free. Education Portal Chemistry

Like I said, no longer free. Education Portal Basic Science

Khan Academy is a great resource, just be careful that you're studying high school chemistry and not college level chemistry!

khan academy

Another Chemistry teacher explains:

Mr. Guch's Chemistry page Explanations

Another Chemistry teacher explains with lots of practice.

Mr. Evan's Chemistry Pages

Chemistry Review Games

Oswego City Regents Prep