Properties of SOLIDS:
  • Regular geometric pattern in the alignment of the molecules (Crystal Lattice)
  • Molecules are usually close together & vibrate in place
  • Molecules do not move from place to place
  • Solids are not compressible
  • Definite shape & volume
  • Stronger intermolecular bonds
Properties of LIQUIDS:
  • Molecules can move around (Fluid)
  • Molecules are usually further apart than in a solid
  • Liquids take the shape of the container
  • Liquids are not organized
  • No definite shape
  • Definite volume
  • Liquids
Properties of GASES:
  • Molecules fill their container (Spread out)
  • Molecules are very far apart
  • Molecules move in straight lines until they hit something else ( Another molecule or wall)
  • No definite shape
  • No definite Volume